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Huizhou City of Light Power Technology Co., Ltd.

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Weichai generator set
Product description:

 Weichai X170Z series land use X170Z series diesel generator set powered, matching Stamford, Marathon, Shanghai Qianghui and other generators, speed of 1000 rev / min, 1500 r / min, unit spare capacity in the range of 412.5 - 756kVA, press there are common features of generator sets, automation units, mobile power stations. Manufacture of turbine test execution GB/T2820-1997 standards. 

  Generator set configurations:

  Generator: Stamford, Marathon, Qianghui

  Control Panel: Integrated unit control panel is mounted on the generator through the damping device.

  Parallel function: Ordinary units in parallel to achieve stable operation of the unit, and can be no blackouts load transfer. Unit has speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature gauge, such as alarm functions. 

  Optional equipment: batteries, since the launch of the device, since the switching device (ATS), three remote devices, field operations, trailer, silencers, etc. 

  Load cable recommended specifications: 412kVA unit selection (120 × 2) mm2 or more multi-core copper wire; 550kVA unit selection (150 × 2) mm2 or more multi-core copper wire; 687-750kVA units selection (185 × 2) mm2 or more the multi-core copper wire. 

  Battery recommended specifications: use 195A.h more batteries, two series, the choice of not less than 95mm2 battery connection of multi-core copper wire; length of less than 1.5m.

  • Special Disclaimer: The technical data listed in the sample for reference only. Sea to the company the right to modify the technical parameters without notice to the customer reservations

  • Our units are all sold new machine, fake a penalty ten. Guaranteed by law.

  • All through my factory sales generator free labor, free materials. Warranty period of one year or 1000 hours, life does not charge labor and lifetime technical support (which the generator is chosen Stanford warranty period of 15 months). If a failure occurs the unit warranty period, all repairs, parts costs borne by our factory. I sold the factory units to provide maintenance services for the life, if over the warranty period or warranty, will provide a minimum service charges.
  • Build your way to backup power for the choice of the selected unit capacity, power distribution equipment, the construction standards, we will send with many years of experience in engineering and technical personnel conduct site visits, to give customers clear advice and guidance, and a list with feasibility Indenture nature, cost breakdown, acceptance criteria, trying to allow users to buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.
    Aftermarket unit installation instructions. Unit on-site commissioning, operator training users, electricians regular use and service.
  • I plant to ensure the delivery of the crew once every two months touring the user, use of test units, evaluation units made ​​using quality maintenance recommendations.
    Integrated customer handling systems, through a powerful database support, and automatically generate reports to accurately track the product to provide the best service outlets and flexible delivery mechanisms.
    Furthermore, all of our contact information announced the follow-up service can point directly to the product, lifting the user's worries.

  • After the unit warranty expires, lifetime supply of spare parts (not higher than the market price) and technical support.

  • Warranty Services Time: 3 hours to reach the region. Neighboring province at the port for 24 hours. 48 hours to reach remote areas.
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